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Tools and Features
About the system:
Gateway© is a comprehensive bespoke platform loaded with functions that aims to replace manual steps in business process flows by providing online functionality for data capture and therefore enhancing business quality, efficiency, & productivity. It provides customized forms and templates with rich media capabilities to capture critical data in an orderly and consistent manner
Mobile Application:
Gateway© is supported with a state of the art, easy-to-use mobile application for easier mobility and live workplace data capture. The mobile app supports both online and offline working modes and is available on both Apple Store & Google Play Store.
Cyber security and Data privacy:
Gateway© has been subject to cyber security tests that guarantee an elevated level of security & privacy. Gateway© is focused on protecting assets from unauthorized use and defines who has authorized access. The system is subject to Data Protection rules as per the Company Policy.
Incidents Reporting
A user-friendly solution for reporting and investigating all operational incidents, with evidence upload functionality.
Contractors & Suppliers management
Contractors and Suppliers registration and approval tool supported by a smart and effective solution for managing all permit to work controlled activities (PtW).
Enhances the process of HSE and Compliance audit in that a report is generated and circulated at the time of the audit with supporting photographs all of which is linked to the tracking system for follow up.
Works in a similar way to the audit module, and contains a series of HSE, Quality and Operational daily, weekly, monthly annual inspection report templates.
Technical and Operational checklists
All operators and technical team checklists that normally are completed using a paper-based system will be digitally performed in this module.
Suggestions box
A central database for employees to offer suggestions that can be considered where business improvements can be made which is tied into an overall award and incentive scheme.
Training & Feedback (Coming Soon!)
This module helps to automate and digitalize all the manual steps in the training process, starting from managing the training calendar ending with compiling training exams and trainees’ feedback.
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